Our Mission

Vaccination is the safest and most effective way to prevent a number of diseases. Up to 3 million people are saved each year by vaccines. Our mission at SVF is to develop vaccines and immunotherapies in order to prevent and treat life-threatening diseases.

Our Team


SVF has a team of specialists with many years of expertise. Our fully committed members are well plugged in about the advancements in the vaccine development field.

Matti Sällberg

Founder, CSO and Chairman of the Board

Professor at Karolinska Institutet,

DDS and PhD from KI. Current head of the department of Laboratory Medicine at KI, and board member of Prebona AB. More than 20 years experience in vaccine development  including leading vaccines to the clinical trials.

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Jens Bäck

Founder, CEO

and Board Member

BSc in pharmacology from Uppsala University and more than 15 years experience from big Pharma.  Extensive experience in launching and marketing pharmaceuticals at MSD and Abbvie, with a focus on the hepatitis market. Owner of KulMed and entrepreneur.

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Lars Frelin

Founder, Preclinical Expert and Board Member

Associate professor at Karolinska Institutet. PhD from KI, post doc at Scripps Research Institute. Extensive experience in vaccine development and clinical development. Has developed several transgenic animal models. Member of the infrastructure council at KI.

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Margaret Chen

Founder and

Clinical Advisor

Professor, Karolinska Institutet, Guest professor at Tongji University, China. DDS and PhD from KI. Extensive experience in immunotherapies, gene design,  cloning and generating new T cell receptors.

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John Öhd

Board Member

M.D. and PhD. Has a broad knowledge and experience of drug development in a number of therapeutic areas, including CNS, cancer and blood diseases. He has worked as a Group Director within AstraZeneca's research organization, Senior Director of Experimental Medicine at Shire Pharmaceutical's facilities in Switzerland and Chief Medical Officer at Medivir. 

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